Bjørn Jensen Apartment

The Bjørn Jensen apartment was established in 1992 in honor of Bjørn Jensen and his service to Norwegian teachers in North America, thanks to Kjetil Flatin, then director of Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo (SiO). The apartment is owned by SiO, and the rent is subsidized by a generous annual grant from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The apartment is dedicated to the use of North American scholars of Norwegian studies.

Located at Sogn Studentby. 50 kvm, 2 bedrooms, living room/kitchen/bath with shower and heated floor, storage lockers. Fully furnished, with internet access, linens, dishes, microwave, cable television, VCR, CD-player, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Rolf E. Stenersens allé 13 H0104
NO-0858 Oslo

Rent for 2015-2016 (beginning September 1, 2015) is NOK 5000 a month, NOK 1400 for weekly rental, or NOK 300 per day for rental less than one week. Rent includes high-speed internet access and cable TV. Laundry is extra (NOK 20 per load as of July 2012).

Renters will be required to sign a contract with NORTANA, outlining specific terms of the rental.  In addition they are expected to fulfill all their obligations as residents of Sogn Studentby.

January 15 is the priority deadline for all housing support.

The apartment is available in the summer between June 1 and August 31, as well as during the academic year. It is a priority to have the apartment rented at all times, so it is especially important that you indicate flexibility both in when you would like to live in the apartment, and whether you would be willing to share with another NORTANA member

We accept applications on a rolling basis as long as the apartment or the alternative support monies are available. Feel free to contact Margaret Hayford O’Leary with questions. The selection committee consists of three NORTANA members named by the board. Decisions will be announced approximately two weeks after the deadline.

Priority will be given to:

  1. Current NORTANA members who apply by the deadline. If no NORTANA member has applied by the deadline, others will be eligible. They will be required to become members of NORTANA in order to rent the apartment.
  2. Academic year applicants (over single semester).
  3. Those who fill the maximum of the time available.
  4. Those who have not previously rented the apartment.

Other considerations may include:

  • Previous involvement in NORTANA.
  • Purpose for living in Norway.

Images of Apartment