Housing Subsidy

NORTANA offers a housing subsidy for NORTANA members who need to reside in Norway for their research and who do not live in the Bjørn Jensen Apartment.  The subsidy is:

  • NOK 1000 for visits of up to 2 weeks.
  • NOK 1500 for visits of 3-4 weeks.
  • NOK 1500/month for longer visits.

Applications for housing subsidy are considered on a rolling basis.
Applicants must be a NORTANA member for a minimum of 2 years before applying for a housing subsidy.  There is a 4-month maximum subsidy given.  There may also be a limit on the total subsidy a member may receive, depending on the type of project, level of member involvement in NORTANA and other factors determined by the selection committee.

Questions about the housing subsidy can be directed to the Bjørn Jensen Apartment Coordinator, Margaret Hayford O’Leary.