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    I have read The Last Word on Lutefisk and The Last Word on Lefse both by Gary Legwold. Both books are easy reading, about real pelpoe and places, and are humorous, in a Norwegian-American sort of way.The Last Word on Lefse tells about the World’s Largest Lefse (chapter 5) made by folks in Starbuck, MN in 1983. At the widest, the lefse was 9 8 by 9 1 . O.K. it wasn’t perfectly round.The tales of die-hard lefse makers are both endearing, heartwarming, and humorous. You will learn of lefse making equipment and tools, pelpoe and places, immigrants and descendants. There are numerous lefse recipes, including odd lefse made without potatoes (It’s odd because we didn’t grow up with that tradition.) and instructions with photographs of each step. There is even the recipe for the Largest Lefse made in Starbuck, MN that uses 30 pounds of potatoes. This is probably TMI (too much information.)There is a chapter about lefse making in Norway in the past. So there’s a history lesson here, as well. Easy on the flour,Fast on the pace,Or the dough will stickAll over the place.Roll’em out thin,Fry em up quick;With butter and sugarThey’ll go down slick.There’s more of that, too in this book, with songs and poems about this Norwegian treat that is such a cherished part of our Norwegian-American Heritage. This book is highly recommended for light and easy reading.

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