Reading Guides

NORTANA Reading Group Guides present works of Norwegian literature to an English-reading public. By presenting these introductory materials, questions for discussion, and other suggested readings we wish to enhance your reading experience, as well as to share our enthusiasm for Norwegian literature and encourage you to explore further what Norwegian literature has to offer.

NORTANA Reading Group Guides may be downloaded at no charge from the NORTANA web site for use by reading groups or individual readers. Comments, questions, or suggestions may be posted to our Reading Group Guide Discussion (Bulletin Board) Page.

The Norwegian Researchers and Teachers Association of North America (NORTANA) is a non-profit organization for researchers, teachers, and independent scholars involved in Norwegian language, literature, and area studies. NORTANA promotes the dissemination of information about Norway and the study of Norwegian and Norway at all levels, and works to facilitate cooperation between scholars and the public engaged in these fields.